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Associations or Non-Profit

Todays times require innovation... Bee Konnected provides new opportunities to generate revenue.

Our Members Love US!

After joining BK I made $1,000 right away! Plus, I dropped my online fees from $60/month! I took a FB Mastery Class and another class to put my material into an online course which got me kickstarted again! I was blown away by the caliber of the courses available as a BK member. Taking these courses on their own would have been $2-$5K each. I’m glad I joined and highly recommend BK. I can’t wait to use my travel vouchers and travel again. Karen Millerwise
I joined BeeKonnected because the idea of using the same principles as dating apps intrigued me – if it works for so many to find love why not business? The Konnection Generator has NOT disappointed – it has literally BLOWN MY MIND!! I have quite a few konnections that are beyond people I could have ever found on my own. The relationships I’m building, the konnections we’re creating together, the networking we’re doing and the potential we’re creating together is MASSIVE!Susan Dascenzi
I instantly expanded my network with BeeKonnected and the Konnection Generator. I now network intentionally by focusing on my ideal client and those I want to collaborate with, saving me time and energy. I have had a business idea that I did not know how to execute on. Thanks to the coaching programs I receive as a member and the collaboration within the community, that dream business is now becoming a reality! I am grateful for BeeKonnected. Its more than networking, it’s a way of doing business. Alana Kelner
I get in front of 20-30 coaches, speakers, and other experts every week at my virtual training courses because of BeeKonnected! This would not have been possible without the power of this incredible platform. BeeKonnected has allowed me to provide guidance on our clients most pressing branding questions. Being able to address their needs and help them thrive in this new environment enables me to make a difference every day! Let’s konnect here soon at Bee Konnected.Gerry Foster